Online Counseling

Online Counseling

Advantages to Online Counseling

*Flexible Scheduling (outside regular business hours)

*No need to travel to an office

*Therapy from the comfort of your own home

*Often less expensive



Does online therapy work?

According to the American Psychological Association, for many mental health issues online therapy can be just as effective as in person counseling.  This is especially true when working with someone trained and experienced at offering therapy online. The same modalities and treatment methods are used. You still develop a strong relationship with your therapist. And you will still work towards your identified treatment goals and track your progress.


How does online counseling work?

You do NOT have to be Tech Savvy! Therapy typically involves video sessions through a secure platform, which your therapist will walk you through. There is no app to download, and no special equipment required beyond a device with a camera, microphone and internet access.


Who benefits from online therapy?

Single parents

College or graduate students

Individuals with mobility issues

People who live rural or remote areas

Those looking for a specialty that is not offered in their area

People who feel uncomfortable walking into a Counseling center or office

Individuals with transportation challenges



Still not sure if Online Counseling is right for you?

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