Emergency Resources

Below are a list of emergency resources.  None of the below are affiliated with Healing Arts Counseling Center in anyway, but are private and public services to access in a crisis.


Emergency Resources-Ohio

  • OhioHealth.com at www.ohiohealth.com OhioHealth offers inpatient and outpatient services throughout central Ohio, to patients with psychiatric disorders.
  • Columbus Springs: https://columbussprings.com/

    1-800-799-4889 (for deaf or hard of hearing)

Youth Resources

Substance Abuse Resources

  • Alcoholics Anonymous aacentralohio.org

  • Al Anon 614.547.1550

  • Narcotics Anonymous nacentralohio.org 

  • Celebrate Recovery celebraterecovery.com

  • Co-Dependents Anonymous 614.270.5588

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