News: Presenting on Supporting Anxious Kids during Covid

Supporting Anxious Kids during Covid


What:  I’ll be speaking at New Start Church in Delaware, Ohio in partnership with Crossroads Counseling about how to support our anxious youth.  What are we seeing?  What are the symptoms?  How can we help

When: This Saturday, Feb 27th at 10:30


Where: New Start Church Delaware, Ohio

Why: We are in the midst of a childhood mental health crisis that has been quietly building for years.  As adults, we need tools to support our youth outside of therapy.  We’ll be covering what exactly is depression and anxiety, how it may look differently in a child or teen, and how the impacts of the Covid Pandemic on children’s mental health.  We will also look at what normal and healthy development look like and what we as adults can do to support the mental health of the children and teens in our lives.

Attendance for this workshop is full.  


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