Covid Stress and Resiliency Part I


Covid Stress and Resiliency

Part I


We are now 7 months into the year of social distancing.  Since March, life has gotten more stressful than ever.  Families are balancing work, distanced learning, and schedules that are more complicated than we ever imagined.   So many are struggling with the basics of living: housing, work, relationships, even grocery shopping.  Every small decision seems fraught with anxiety. When I ask friends or clients how they are, all they can do is roll their eyes and shrug. Covid stress is everywhere. And there is currently no end in sight.

This is hard!

Covid Stress

I’m not going to say, “look at the positive.” Or “we aren’t given more than we can bear”.  Nor am I going to say “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” None of those phrases are particularly useful, and are very often hurtful and dismissive. Life in the time of Covid is stressful.  There is no sugar-coating it.

 What I am going to say is this: we may be walking through personal and collective fires right now. What can we do to push through?  How can we walk through this chapter to get to next part of our story?

This is what Resilience is about. 

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