Welcome to Healing Arts Counseling Center, LLC.

Welcome to Healing Arts Counseling Center, LLC!

Dreme McLennan- Healing Arts Counseling Center

Where we are today!

In January this year, Healing Arts Counseling Center, LLC was incorporated to provide creative arts therapy to Ohio.  This year we are building our foundation.  Currently, Healing Arts Counseling Center LLC provides individual counseling for adults, teens, and youth. Workshops are also available, upon request, on a variety of subjects. Group therapy options are also currently in development, ready to be launched this fall.  At this time, in-person counseling is provided in partnership with Crossroads Counseling Center, LLC in Dublin Ohio.  Online counseling for those 18+ is also  available for those living in Ohio and California.


Where we came from…

Healing Arts Counseling Center is part of a long journey that began in 2005.  While on an exchange at the Queen Mary University of London, I had the idea to create a theater space that brought people of all ages together to work on real life issues through the powerful medium of performance.  The initial inspiration came from a group project concept that we called the I*Scream factory.  The I*Scream factory was to be a series of group therapy sessions attended by parents working through the challenges of co-parenting and divorce. Meanwhile, the teenage children would be in another space using dramatic processes to explore and share their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about their experience of the changes in their families.  This was years before I had ever heard of Drama Therapy.


Where we’re going…

Healing Arts Counseling Center is the extension of the I*Scream factory concept, created all those years ago.  My dream is that this will be a center of Creative Arts Therapies in the Midwest.  In the next 10 years, I hope to provide opportunities for Playback Theater in our local school systems, Drama Therapy Workshops and Self-Revelatory Performances, supervision for creative art therapists seeking licensure, board certified training to new Drama Therapists. All of this while continuing to build on as well as the individual and group counseling that we provide today.




Stay tuned…

Look for announcements and upcoming events here, on our News and Updates page.  Also checkout the Facebook Page for Healing Arts Counseling Center.  You can also see our full list of services here.


And as always, don’t hesitate to contact me directly!







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